Home Learning – Summer 2, Week 1

Welcome back! We hope that you have had a wonderful half-term break!




Half Term Enrichment Projects

Below are links to a variety of resources that your children can access over the half term break.

Eden Project – Eden at home has lots of outdoor learning resources to do at home – https://www.edenproject.com/learn/for-everyone

Chef Jamie Oliver is hosting a nightly cooking show on Channel 4 to help families plan their meals “in these unique times”. https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/category/books/keep-cooking-and-carry-on/

Blockly is a fun and free way to learn computer programming. https://blockly.games/

Little Inventors is a creative education organisation that inspires imagination by taking children’s amazing ideas seriously.  https://www.littleinventors.org/

Joe Wick’s PE workout – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ

Scouts – The Great Indoors –https://www.scouts.org.uk/the-great-indoors/

Pobble – Non Screen Activities you can do at home

Please see a list of optional ideas for projects and enrichment activities for half term.

Challenge 1– Draw an amazing home for fish

Challenge 2– Design your own garden – https://www.rhs.org.uk/shows-events/virtual-chelsea

Challenge 3- Food Waste Challenge – Invent ways to encourage people to waste less food. Create a poster, model or presentation to explain your invention.

Challenge 4- 30 Days Wild – 30 Days Wild starts in June but there is no reason why you cannot start early! This is The Wildlife Trusts annual nature challenge. Do one wild thing a day throughout the whole month: for your health, well-being and for the planet. https://action.wildlifetrusts.org/page/57739/petition/1

We would like to see the work that you are doing at home so please email your child’s Phase Leader so that images can be shared on the blog and passed on to your child’s class teacher.

Message to Grasshoppers from Mr Ambler – 22.05.20

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Dear Grasshopper Class,

How are you? Have you had a good week? I have really enjoyed speaking to you on the phone this week and hearing about all the wonderful things you have been doing. I have really enjoyed the sunshine this week and I was glad to hear that some of you were enjoying it as much as me. Fuzzy and I have been for a walk in the local park. We took some photos on our walk in the sunshine and we looked for some lovely and beautiful flowers.

Image preview

This week Fuzzy and I heard that it is Mental Health Awareness Week. This year the focus is on kindness. We decided to think of some ways that we could show kindness to others. We decided to talk to some friends who we had not talked to in a while to see how they were. We also phoned an elderly lady who has been isolating on her own. She enjoyed having somebody to talk to. I went into school on Monday and talked to some of the children about what they had been doing to show others kindness. Here are some of the things they have been doing:

Phoning their grandparents

Helping their parents take food to vulnerable people and leaving it on their doorstep

Donating food to the Sutton Foodbank

Helping their parents with tidying the house

Smiling at people that they see in the park

What could you do to show kindness to somebody else this week? You never know, it might be best part of their day.

I’d love to hear about some of the things you do to show kindness. Maybe you could think of something somebody has done for you too. I am so grateful to all the people who have shown me kindness this week by sending me messages and cards to see how I am and to wish me a happy birthday. Some of you sent me birthday cards, thank you so much.

Fuzzy and I are going to have a break and rest next week for half term. I hope you have a nice half term. We look forward to catching up after half term.

Mr Ambler

Mrs Stock’s Indoor Adventures with Hugsy


This week, Hugsy decided he wanted to try and make pizza! Hugsy couldn’t find any flour in the shops so he bought a ready made pizza dough and added lots of toppings. His favourite toppings are yellow pepper and red onion! I made sure I supervised as Hugsy used the pizza cutter when it had cooked. He was so proud of himself!

Have you been able to make anything to eat with your family? What are your favourite pizza toppings?

From Mrs Stock and Hugsy

Message to Ladybirds from Miss Dancerelle – 22.05.2020

Hello Ladybirds!

Happy Friday! How are you? What have you been doing this week? Did you enjoy my phonics video? I have been creating lots of learning for you all and trying to enjoy the sunshine!

Can you believe that this week was the last week of our “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside” topic? It is my favourite topic. What did you learn? What was your favourite part of the topic? I liked learning all about Victorian seasides.

This week was also Mental Health Awareness Week which is all about looking after ourselves and those around us. I found a really lovely poster for you to have a look at!

Next week I will be trying to call you all again! I miss you all so much and cannot wait to hear from you again. Make sure you write down any questions you want to ask me and maybe write down some things you want to tell me about! I cannot wait to hear all about it. So keep an ear out for my calls! If I did get to speak to you last time, please remember it will be an unknown number.

Well done for all you amazing work! Every week I become prouder of you all. I received some lovely photographs of some of you doing amazing work this week and I even received some lovely messages from you which made me very happy!

Keep being amazing superstars! I hope to see you all soon.

Miss Dancerelle

Message to Ant Class from Mrs Mills – 22.05.20

Hello Ant Class,

It’s been so lovely talking to most of you on the phone this week. I am very impressed with how much learning you have been doing from home! I am also amazed by all the creative projects you have undertaken, such as cooking and gardening, and loved hearing about how you have been keeping up with your daily exercise – you are all so incredible!

This week, Stanley and I went on an adventure to visit a friend who lives on her own. We went for a socially distanced walk along a beach, which reminded me of our ‘Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside’ topic. On our walk we spotted lots of physical features such as stones, shells, sand and the sea, and we saw deckchairs and beach balls, which are all human features. Have you ever been to a seaside? It was lovely to have some sun on us, as we have mostly been inside during the lock-down.

This adventure made Stanley and I think of a holiday we went on years ago to the United States of America. We went on a road-trip along the west coast and enjoyed visiting some amazing sites, such as Badwater Basin, which is in an extremely hot place called Death Valley! We even went to Hollywood and visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame – can you see who’s star Stanley is sat on?

Looking at pictures of us doing lovely things might make us feel sad during lock-down Ant class, but I think it’s nice to look back at memories, to help us look forward to all of the wonderful things to come once the world is a safer place again.

I hope you are looking forward to the future Ant Class. Have a lovely half-term!

From Mrs Mills and Stanley

Message to Crickets from Miss Pinto – 22.05.20

Hello Crickets!

I hope you are all ok and have had another good week of home learning! Did you enjoy the magical story that I read? I chose that story because it reminded me of our Seaside topic.

 Wow, can you believe this was our last week on our ‘Oh I do like to be by the Seaside’ topic What a wonderful topic it has been. What was your favourite part? Can you remember some facts about what it was like at the seaside in Victorian times? The lush weather this week has reminded me of being at the seaside. The sun has been shining all week and I have enjoyed some walks outside! I was been continuing to admire the beautiful flowers and plants that I have seen. Barnaby loves the sunshine too, he said it makes him feel really happy.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the focus is on kindness. I wonder if you can think of something kind that you have done for someone today? Maybe you could write list of kind things you can do throughout the week, remember to be kind to yourself too😊. Barnaby has been watching some cosmic kids yoga videos because he said they make him feel calm and that is really great for his well-being.

Lots of you have been sending in your lovely work and it has continued to make me feel very proud!! Remember, next week is half term so I hope you have a great week and I will talk to you soon.

Take care,

Love Miss Pinto x