This Week’s Learning


This week marked the first in our Toy-Tastic learning journey! We received an urgent message from one of Santa’s elves, asking for our help to build some slider toys ready for Christmas. We therefore began by investigating toys, focusing on the mechanisms used to make them work, as part of our Design and Technology (DT) topic. We discovered that toys can be made using lever or slider mechanisms and were able to sort pictures of toys into those with and without these mechanisms. This allowed us to move forward in our plans to help the elf, beginning with the design section of our DT process. We designed a slider toy which featured either a bowling ball, bird or car and labelled the resources we would need to use. Following this, we thought about our target audience: who would like to play with our toys and made our toys by following step-by-step instructions and our detailed designs. Finally, we evaluated our toys and enjoyed playing with them!


This week in our maths lessons, we have been focusing on addition within ten. We began by finding different amounts of objects and adding them together to find a total amount. This informed us that when we add two numbers together, the answer will always get bigger. Following this, Granny Smyth returned to us with a problem: she now has two trees growing in her garden and wanted to find out the total number when she added the apples from both trees. We rolled two dice to obtain the number of apples on Granny’s two trees and added them together to find a total. We were then able to put these numbers into a number sentence such as 5 apples add 3 apples is the same as 8 apples, which is 5+3=8. After that, we applied our knowledge of addition to help Bus Driver Bob, who needed our help to calculate the total number of passengers on his bus, after two groups of people got onboard. We read a number sentence such as 3+7 and used the double sided counters and ten frame bus to work out the total number of passengers.

Health and Wellbeing – Autumn 2

This half term our Health and Wellbeing focus is healthy relationships. This will focus on the relationships we have with the people around us, as well as healthy online relationships. We will therefore also talk about online safety.

We will be learning about the similarities and differences we share with our friends and family. We will also be learning about how to be safe when communicating or playing games online.

We will be teaching the following skills: to identify and respect the similarities and differences between people. To recognise when we feel unsafe online and know who to tell if we feel unhappy in these situations.

Home Learning – Autumn 2

Today the home learning for this half term was sent home. Please remember that, although we do not mark the work, we still enjoy looking at any projects (which make great Show and Tells) or maths or writing work. It is available to download below (Including maths answers) in case it gets lost or damaged over the half term.



Rights Respecting:

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

As part of our Toy-Tastic topic, we will be having a Teddy Bear’s picnic next Friday 8th of November. Please could you therefore provide your child with either a Teddy Bear or another of their favourite toys for that day.

Due to the cold weather, this will be an indoor picnic, but we would love it for the children to feel like they are going on a real picnic, so if you have a (labelled) picnic blanket that you would be willing to provide on the day, that we would be very appreciative.

We have organised picnic lunches for all of the children who normally have hot dinners, but please provide your child with a pack lunch, if this is what they usually bring.

Thank you! The Year 1 Team 🙂

Health and Wellbeing Morning – Autumn 2

This half-term, the focus of our Health and Wellbeing morning was Anti-bullying week and friendship. To begin the morning we discussed what Anti-bullying week is and what bullying means (hurting someone on purpose over and over again). Our first activity was all about kind and unkind words and how they make others feel. We passed around a bowl containing a mixture of sand and cotton wool and described how it felt on our skin (sand was rough and cotton wool was soft). We now know that this is how the words we use make others feel. For our second activity we made a class friendship quilt. We all painted our hands and printed them onto paper and wrote a sentence about what makes a good friend.

Class Teacher Awards – w/c 14.10.19

Well done to the following children who were chosen to receive a class teacher award for demonstrating one of the Avenue Values in their classes.

Ants:  Elsie and Freddie

Crickets:  Anoushka and Peter

Grasshoppers: Peniel and Daniel

Ladybirds:  Luca and Hollie

Below is a reminder of our Avenue Values.


Pride in achievements and self confidence.

Building relationships and team work.


Mutual respect and tolerance.

This Week’s Learning – w/c 14.10.19


During this week in Topic we have been writing instructions on how to make a smoothie. After making our amazing healthy smoothies last week, we thought it would be a great idea to write instructions on how to make them so other people could have a go too! First, we looked at features of instructions. We discovered that we need time starters such as ‘First’, ‘Next’ and ‘Finally’ to help us with the order of the steps. We also learnt that the word ‘chronological’ means the correct order that something should happen. Next, we looked at imperative verbs such as ‘chop’, ‘mix’ and ‘pour’. Then we planned our instructions using pictures, time starters and imperative verbs to help us. After that, we had a go at writing our fantastic instructions. Finally, we finished the week by recapping all of the amazing learning that we have done over this half term.


This week in Maths we recapped what a number bond is. A number bond is two numbers added together to make another number. We explored all the different ways to make 7, 8 and 9. First, we recapped the number bonds to 7. Then this week we explored making the number bonds to 8 by sharing blue and green frogs (counters) to their lily pad. We used the stem sentence 8 is the same as (   ) and (   ). We also looked at creating number sentences such as 4+4=8. We explored all the different combinations and tried to spot any patterns. Finally, we explored all the different ways to make 9 and tried to spot any patterns for this number too.