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This week’s learning

This week we continued with phase 2 phonics. We learnt the sounds i, n, m, d, g. We played a range of games to help us blend and segment words. We remembered to sound out the word and blend the sounds together to read the word (blending). When segmenting, we learnt to say the word first and then clap each sound (listening carefully to where the sounds are in the word.)

In maths, we practised recognising numbers to 5. As well as recognising the numeral, we also had a go at recognising numbers represented in different ways e.g. objects, Numicon, dots on a dice. We played a range of games and particularly enjoyed our outdoor number hunt. We had to search the playground for the hidden numbers and then tick them off on our sheets when we had found them.


In topic, we read ‘The Family Book’, by Todd Parr. We listened carefully to the story, which discussed the different types of family we may have. The story helped us to talk about the similarities and differences between our own families e.g. how some families are small, some are big. The children then thought about the people who are in their own family and they discussed the activities they like to do with them. They finished by drawing a picture of their family and then they had a go at labelling the family members.


We had great fun making marks to the song ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. We listened to the song and made marks on large pieces of paper to represent the different parts of the song e.g. drawing circles to show the wheels, drawing horizontal lines to show the wipers on the bus moving back and forth. At the end of the week, we talked about how we can be a good friend. We learnt that sharing, taking turns, being helpful and using kind hands are all ways of showing this.


Have a great weekend.

The Reception team.