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This week’s learning

In phonics we practised blending and segmenting words containing the adjacent consonants ‘sp’, ‘st’, ‘pr’, ‘sm’ and ‘tw’ and we were also introduced to consonant clusters (3 consonants next to each other in a word) ‘shr’, ‘thr’, ‘nch’, ‘str’ and ‘scr’.  We played pass the parcel to help us practise reading the tricky words ‘were’, ‘there’, ‘little’ and ‘one’.

In maths we have been consolidating our knowledge and understanding of money, length, distance and 2D shape. We began the week by exploring money. We recapped 1p and 2p coins and discussed their features and values. We then used different length dinosaur feet and multi-link cubes to investigate different lengths. We put the dinosaur feet in order and then used the multilink cubes to measure them to ensure that they were in the correct order from shortest to longest. We know when we measure length, we have to start at the same starting point for it to be fair. We also explored distance and used toy cars to help us. We know that distance is how far something has travelled. We pushed two cars across the classroom at the same time and discussed which was car was closest to us and which was furthest. To end the week, we recapped 2D shapes with our shape monster. We had to sing a special song and listen to the description the shape monster gave, before finding the correct shape and feeding it to him for his lunch.

In topic we read a range of stories and answered questions about them. We observed plants and animals in the environment and discussed how they have changed. We also completed different activities that link to our interests.

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The Reception team.