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The Importance of Daily Reading

Dear parents and carers,

Please ensure that your child is reading with you at home daily, for at least 10 minutes. A comment should then be made in their home/school liaison book. This comment should record any difficulties your child may have had with the words or sounds within their reading book, so that their class teacher can continue to support them with these areas of weakness. Please also give an indication of how well your child has understood the text. You can determine this by referring to the Guided Reading Questions, attached to this blog.

The skill of reading fluently and being able to comprehend what is read is an important part of any child’s development. It has a positive impact on all subjects, for example, understanding word problems in maths and fact finding in history. Your child/children are getting a lot of reading exposure in school through our class novels, phonics and guided reading sessions, but reading for at least 10 minutes a day at home can improve self-esteem and reading for pleasure is associated with better sleeping patterns. Research also shows that children who read books from a young age often gain higher results at age 16, than those who read less regularly.

Please refer to the year group reading trails for support of books we recommend that your child may enjoy reading or hearing. This should be in addition to their reading scheme book from school.

Thank you for your support and we can’t wait to see what is being read when we check the liaison books.

(Research findings taken from

Year 1 Precursive Handwriting

Dear Parents/Carers,Please find below a copy of the rhymes we are using to support children’s letter formation. We are teaching children cursive handwriting and these rhymes will support their understanding of how to form the letters.  Please encourage your child to write their letters using the examples attached. We will be sending out a hardcopy of these rhymes so do not feel that you need to print them out.
Thank you,
The Year 1 Teaching Team

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

As part of our Toy-Tastic topic, we will be having a Teddy Bear’s picnic next Friday 8th of November. Please could you therefore provide your child with either a Teddy Bear or another of their favourite toys for that day.

Due to the cold weather, this will be an indoor picnic, but we would love it for the children to feel like they are going on a real picnic, so if you have a (labelled) picnic blanket that you would be willing to provide on the day, that we would be very appreciative.

We have organised picnic lunches for all of the children who normally have hot dinners, but please provide your child with a pack lunch, if this is what they usually bring.

Thank you! The Year 1 Team 🙂

PE Kit

The children will be sent home with their PE kit on Thursday 17th of October.

It is important that every child has the correct PE kit in school at all times. This consists of…

  • Green Avenue t-shirt
  • Navy blue shorts
  • Black plimsolls
  • Outdoor trainers (year 3-6)
  • Optional navy tracksuit for outdoor PE only

Children will have their PE kit checked in the first week back after half term. Please ensure full PE kit comes in on Tuesday 29th October.

Thank you – Year 1 Team