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Mrs Stock’s Indoor Adventures with Hugsy


This week, Hugsy decided he wanted to try and make pizza! Hugsy couldn’t find any flour in the shops so he bought a ready made pizza dough and added lots of toppings. His favourite toppings are yellow pepper and red onion! I made sure I supervised as Hugsy used the pizza cutter when it had cooked. He was so proud of himself!

Have you been able to make anything to eat with your family? What are your favourite pizza toppings?

From Mrs Stock and Hugsy

Language of the Month


This week, as we know lots of families have been cooking all sorts of new and wonderful things. I thought you may like to know something about Spanish food. 
The following link tells you  some interesting information about Spanish food.

Below, are a few recipes you may like to try at home with your parents.


Spanish Tortilla

If you cook either of the recipes maybe you could send a photo to us!
Meals are eaten at all times throughout the day and below is a link to a song about time.

Maybe you could record yourself singing the song and send us a video!

Have a lovely week,

Mrs Maddock xx