Health and Well-being Transition activities

Year 1 Transition Activities

As you know next year your child will be moving into Year Two! This is a very exciting time; however, we know that it can be a bit worrying too and that is ok. We have chosen a really lovely story called ‘The Cautious Caterpillar’ for you to read with your child (Please see video below). It is a wonderful story where the caterpillar is afraid and worried of change, but finally he turns into a butterfly and he embraces the change. Next, take a look at the ‘Spread Your Wings and Fly’ PowerPoint and with your child discuss the characters and how change can be a good thing. Give your child an opportunity to share their own worries about moving class, then discuss what they are excited about! 😊

Activity- We have attached some thought bubbles to write down some advice for the caterpillar. Your child may want to use the story to help them or use their own experiences to fill the speech bubbles in. E.g. a worry they may have about moving class in the caterpillar’s bubble and then in the other speech bubble they can write a reason why change can be good!

Additionally, you may want to do some of the following activities to help with the transitions:

  • Writing a letter you your new teacher to tell them about yourself or what you are excited about for Year Two. (See examples below)
  • Superhero transitions- Can you draw yourself as a superhero? Can you think of a superhero name and your super powers (what subjects / activities are you good at), Maybe you could write some things they would like to get better at in Year Two!

Please enjoy some wonderful songs about change!

Be the change –

Positive song –