This Weeks Learning


This week in Topic we have have been exploring and using language that can be used in an information leaflet. We returned to school at the beginning of the week to discover the class bear was missing! Over the next few lessons we built up a bank of adjectives to describe the bear in preparation for making an information leaflet to inform people of the lost teddy’s characteristics. We then planned our leaflets using adjectives and a drawing of the class bear. After that we wrote our leaflet using our plans to help us. Finally, we checked our work to ensure it could be read clearly and made sense. We then had a teddy bear’s picnic to celebrate the return of our class bear!


This week in Mathematics we have been focusing on subtraction within 10. We started this focus by completing practical problems using counters to represent different amounts of people on a bus. We used the reduction model to tell a story about how many people were on the bus. For example, ‘First, there were 7 people on the bus, then 2 people got off the bus, now there are 5 people left on the bus. We then extended this learning to completing subtraction problems by drawing and crossing off people on the bus and writing the equation more formally, e.g 7-2=5. We then moved on to using the reduction model to solve subtraction problems relating to other things, such as number of animals or amount of food. Again we solved these problems practically using counters first. We then moved onto more formal recording.