This Week’s Learning – w/c 14.10.19


During this week in Topic we have been writing instructions on how to make a smoothie. After making our amazing healthy smoothies last week, we thought it would be a great idea to write instructions on how to make them so other people could have a go too! First, we looked at features of instructions. We discovered that we need time starters such as ‘First’, ‘Next’ and ‘Finally’ to help us with the order of the steps. We also learnt that the word ‘chronological’ means the correct order that something should happen. Next, we looked at imperative verbs such as ‘chop’, ‘mix’ and ‘pour’. Then we planned our instructions using pictures, time starters and imperative verbs to help us. After that, we had a go at writing our fantastic instructions. Finally, we finished the week by recapping all of the amazing learning that we have done over this half term.


This week in Maths we recapped what a number bond is. A number bond is two numbers added together to make another number. We explored all the different ways to make 7, 8 and 9. First, we recapped the number bonds to 7. Then this week we explored making the number bonds to 8 by sharing blue and green frogs (counters) to their lily pad. We used the stem sentence 8 is the same as (   ) and (   ). We also looked at creating number sentences such as 4+4=8. We explored all the different combinations and tried to spot any patterns. Finally, we explored all the different ways to make 9 and tried to spot any patterns for this number too.