Health and Wellbeing

This half term our Health and Wellbeing focus was families and the people who care for us, as well as caring friendships.

Knowledge we have gained:

We have learnt that families are important for us when we’re growing up because they can give us love, security and stability. We have also learnt about how important friendships are towards making us feel happy and secure. Finally we learnt about the importance of being inclusive and having mutual respect in friendships.

Skills we have learnt and used: 

We have learnt the following skills: To identify our special people (family, carers and friends), what makes them special and how special people should care for one another. We have also learnt how to make new friends and how to ask other children to play. This has been great in helping our new class friends settle into Avenue.


James: ‘It is important to be kind to everyone’

Triaan: ‘I have made lots of friends because children have let me join in with games’

Adam: ‘We all have different families but that makes us all special’

Angela: ‘I went up to someone and asked them if they wanted to play.’ 

Key Vocabulary that we have learned and used: Friends, social, skills, kind, helpful, share,  play, ask, join in, game, take turns, fair, unfair, sharing, fairness, rules, well done, congratulations, teamwork, communicate, family, community.