This Week’s Learning – w/c 7.10.19


This week in topic we started off by designing a fruit smoothie, carefully thinking which ingredients we wanted to use and how it would taste. We then drew and labelled our designs! Next we looked at a set of instructions on how to make a smoothie. We discussed and identified the features of a set of instructions. This helped us understand that instructions have time starters (e.g. First, Next, After that) and imperative verbs (e.g. get, chop, mix). Following this we were ready to make our wonderful smoothies! We had to carefully chop the fruit and put it into the blender to mix! After this, we followed all the instructions safely we got to taste our delicious smoothies – which we were all excited about! Finally we had to evaluate what we liked about our smoothies and what we could do to improve them next time.


This week in maths we learnt what a number bond is. A number bond is two numbers added together to make another number. We explored all the different ways to make 5,6 and 7. We had to help Granny Smith with her apple. She knew that there were 5 apples in her tree but she didn’t know how many blue and how many green ones there were so we had to explain it to her ( ) green apples and ( ) blue apples is the same as 5 ). When we began to explore 6 and 7 we then had to sort out frogs onto their lily pads. After we explored each number as a class we began to see some patterns and some similarities in number bonds which we will explore soon!