Old Toy Donations

Next half-term, during our Toy-Tastic topic, the children will be learning about how toys have changed over the years in terms of the materials used to make them and how they were used.
We would love to be able to show the children a wide range of toys but whilst we have lots of modern, plastic or electric toys, we do not have many older toys (e.g. old teddy bears, wooden or metal toys).
We would therefore be very grateful for donations of these types of toys if you have any in your homes, or the homes of friends or family. Please rest assured that we will take very good care of these toys and that they will be kept in the teacher’s cupboard unless being using for a lesson or workshop.
If you have any toys that you would be happy to lend us (for the duration of our topic and until the Christmas holidays) please put your toy in a labelled bag and give it to your child’s class teacher.
Thank you for your support.