This week’s learning

In phonics, we began learning about adjacent consonants. Adjacent consonants are two sounds that are both consonants next to each other in a word. We refer to them as ‘best friends’. We used a range of activities to help us practise blending and segmenting words containing the adjacent consonants ‘nt’, ‘st’, ‘nd’, and ‘mp’. We also enjoyed playing tricky word splat to help us learn the tricky words ‘said’ and ‘so’. Tricky words are words that cannot be sounded out, we just learn to remember them!

This week in maths we recapped addition and subtraction. We started the week with addition and played a dice game. We had to roll a dice (1-6) and count out that number of objects before rolling another dice (6-12), counting that number of objects. We then counted how many there were altogether. We then moved onto subtraction and we played a game of pass the parcel. We learnt that when subtracting, the number we are taking away has to be smaller than the number we start with.

In topic, we read the story ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. We enjoyed listening to the story and answering questions it. We also discussed the rhyming words in the story, before helping ‘Superworm’ to solve a range of problems.  We also discussed our trip to Beddington Park and wrote a recount of our day. At the beginning of our sentence, we used words such as, first, then, next and finally.

On Wednesday we had our wonderful hook day. We really enjoyed dressing up as different minibeasts. To celebrate the day, we had a minibeast parade, where we shared our costumes with all of the children in Reception. We also researched a chosen minibeast using Kiddle (a search engine for children). To bring the day to a close, we made minibeast jars by finger painting and we danced to the ‘Ugly Bug Ball’. At the end of the week, we looked at different habitats and had a go at designing our own. We were excited to see that some real caterpillars were delivered to us. We look forward to watching how they change over the next week.

On Thursday and Friday, we went on a trip to our local tennis club. The tennis coach showed us how to play a range of simple tennis games and we look forward to practising some of these next week at school.

Have a great weekend.

The Reception team.