Next week’s learning

Next week in phonics we will continue to explore the phase 4 sounds. We will practise blending and segmenting words containing the adjacent consonants ‘nk’, ‘xt’, ‘tr’, ‘dr’, ‘gr’ and ‘cr’ through a range of practical activities. We will also practise reading the tricky words ‘have’, ‘like’, ‘some’ and ‘come’.

In maths, we will continue to consolidate our knowledge and understanding of addition and subtraction up to 20. Instead of doing this practically, we will listen to a range of word problems and then use a number line to help us add and subtract.

In topic, we will read the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Carl Ericson and we will have a go at writing our own version of the story using adjectives. We will also discuss what a life cycle is and explore the life cycle of a butterfly. We will also be learning how to use Bee-bots. We will investigate what they can do and program them to find different animals on our grid. To end the week, we will discuss feelings, thinking about what we can do to make others feel happy and how we can help to solve their problems.