Next week’s learning

Next week in phonics we will begin learning phase 4 sounds. During phase 4, we are introduced to adjacent consonants. Adjacent consonants are two sounds that are both consonants next to each other in a word. We refer to them as ‘best friends’. We will practise blending and segmenting words containing the adjacent consonants ‘nt’, ‘st’, ‘nd’, and ‘mp’. We will also practise reading the tricky words ‘said’ and ‘so’ by playing tricky word splat.

In maths, we will be consolidating our knowledge of addition and subtraction through a range of practical activities and games.

In topic, we will continue with our focus on ‘Minibeasts’. To begin the week, we will read the story ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson. We will listen for the rhyming words, answer questions about the story and solve problems. We will also write a recount of our wonderful trip to Beddington Park. On Wednesday, we will have our ‘Minibeast’ hook day, where we will dress up as different minibeasts and complete a range of themed activities. To end the week, we will recap what a habitat is and draw our own minibeast habitats.