Next week’s learning 25.2.19

In phonics after half term, we will be continuing with phase 3. We will explore the sounds  ‘oi’, ‘ear’ and ‘air’. We will practise blending and segmenting a variety of words containing these sounds.

After half term our focus in maths will be one more and one less up to 10. We will begin the week by exploring the meanings of more and less. As the week progresses we will use counting objects and number lines to find one more and one less than a given number. We will learn that when we find one more the number gets bigger and when we find one less the number gets smaller.

In topic we will begin our new topic ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ by discussing what we would like to learn. We will also be reading the story ‘Winnie the witch’ by Valerie Thomas. We will discuss what different sea creatures look like before designing and writing about our own. Towards the end of the week, we will explore different feelings and sort them into good and bad feelings.

Our hook day is on Wednesday 27th February. We will show and talk about the sea creatures we made during half term.