This week’s learning

In phonics, we recapped the sounds we already know by playing a range of games e.g. ‘Guess the sound’ and ‘Cross the River’. We learnt the phase 3 digraphs oa, oo (long sound e.g. moon), and oo (short sound e.g. book). We also learnt the phase 3 trigraph igh. Trigraphs have three letters that make one sound. We blended a variety of words containing these sounds and we enjoyed matching them to the correct pictures. We also practised segmenting these words and we wrote them down on our whiteboards. At the end of the week, we recapped reading the tricky words he, she, we, me and be. 

In maths, we explored height and how it can be measured. We had fun comparing objects by their height using rulers in the outdoor area and we were able to use the mathematical language: taller, shorter, shortest and tallest. We also learnt how to order objects accurately by their height e.g. by making sure that we line the items up and start measuring from the same point. We particularly enjoyed using construction to build towers of different heights.

In topic, we were excited to receive a postcard from our class bear, who had gone on holiday to the Antarctic. We thought about why we send postcards and who we send them to. We went on a safari holiday searching for different animals and we wrote a postcard back to our bears telling them about the animals that we saw. We also looked at some paintings by the American artist Jackson Pollack. We used his work as inspiration to create our own class painting. At the end of the week, we explored different habitats and compared animals from around the world. We thought about how we can care for animals and we discussed the ‘Five Welfare Needs of Animals’.

Have a great weekend.