Health and Well Being morning

For our Health and Well Being morning, our focus was: Perseverance. We can define perseverance as: persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Finding new ways of learning something that you need to know to make sure you achieve your goal. We can show perseverance by: Never giving up, trying our best, setting some goals for ourselves or asking for help if we need it. We completed a range of activities based on perseverance.

Activity 1: Emotional Activity – Stuck. We read Stuck by Oliver Jeffers which is the story of a little boy who perseveres to retrieve a kite from a tree through a range of strategies. The story demonstrates that everyone can strive to achieve their goals.

We were given an outline of a kite (linking with the story)which we decorated. We then discussed what we would like to persevere with.

Quotes from the children:

I’m going to keep trying to read new books.” – Peter

“I’m never going to give up.” – Emily

” I keep trying to do my shoelaces up.” – Freddie

“I persevere with my writing.” – Luca


Activity 2: Physical Activity – Team spirit!

We talked about the fact that sometimes you need other people to help you to succeed; it is not always down to the individual. We therefore worked as a team to completea challenge which required team perseverance in order to overcome different obstacles and complete the task. We discovered that when working in a group, the key to perseverance is good communication and patience.

We enjoyed completing the activity ‘Wacky Relay’. We got into teams and had to transport a ball/object from the start to the finish line using certain parts of our bodies e.g. the palm of our hands. We worked together in order to transport the ball/object successfully.

Quotes from the children:

“We worked as a team.” – James

“I like ball games.” – Kyria

“It was exciting playing the game.”