This week’s learning

In phonics this week we have been consolidating our knowledge of the phase 2 sounds g and p. We had a go at segmenting the words and writing them on the mini whiteboards. We remembered to use our sounds mats to help us. After, we had a go at writing a sentence. We have also practised blending words with these sounds in. We read a range of words and matched them to the correct picture. We also recapped the vowel sounds and tried to identify them in different words. At the end of the week, we revised the tricky words: to, the, I, no and go.  We also practised reading the high frequency words: it, is, in, at, and, as well as learning how to write them in a sentence.

In maths, we have focused on length and distance. We started the week by discussing length and how we can measure different items. We had a go at comparing different objects from around the classroom, identifying which one was longer or shorter. We learnt that when measuring length, it is important to measure from the same starting point.

In the playground we investigated distance using bean bags. We practised throwing the bean bags to see where they landed. We then used mathematical language, such as further/closer to identify the bean bag that had landed furthest or closest to us. We then had a problem to solve. The animals wanted to get back to their homes but needed help from us to take the shortest route. We worked out how to find the shortest route by counting the squares on each path.


In topic this week we discussed Christmas. We had a look at some pictures that related to Christmas. We then chose a picture to describe to our talk partners. We used our sound mats to help us write about the picture we had chosen. We also discussed what people may send to each other at Christmas and then decided to create our own Christmas cards. We listened to a story about St Nicholas and discussed how St Nicholas was similar or different to Santa.


Enjoy the weekend.