Next week’s learning

Next week in phonics we will continue to recap the phase 2 sounds.  We will then blend and segment a variety of words. We will also recap the  tricky words I, no, go, into, to, the and of.  We will also continue to learn the letter names and their position in the alphabet.

In maths we will be focusing on weight. We will discuss which objects are light or heavy. We will then compare and order objects of different weights, identifying which object is the lightest and heaviest. We will then demonstrate how to use the balancing scales and take turns to weigh different objects. We will also explore capacity and discuss how many cups or spoonfuls of water it takes to fill different containers. We will then order the containers by the amount that they hold e.g. empty, half full, nearly full and full.

In topic, we will continue with our focus on Christmas.  We will listen to the story ‘Maisy’s Christmas Eve’, by Lucy Cousins and answer questions about it.  During circle time we will discuss what we would like for Christmas. Using our knowledge from our performance of ‘A Wriggly Nativity’, we will order the events of the first Christmas.

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