This week’s learning

In phonics we recapped the sounds b, d, e, f and l. We practised blending words and then used a sound mat to help us write words and sentences. We learnt the names for each alphabet letter and played a game where we had to find the missing letter. We also practised singing an alphabet song.

We have revised the tricky words: to, the, I, no and go.  We also practised reading the high frequency words: it, is, in, at, and, as well as learning how to write them in a sentence.

In maths, we have focused on subtraction (taking away). We began the week by recapping one more and one less. We then learnt how to take away a number from a group of apples on a tree.  Our monster puppet demonstrated subtraction by eating a number of objects from a group.  The children helped the puppet by telling him the number sentence e.g. 4-2=2. We taught the monster puppet that when we take away the numbers get smaller. We helped the monster puppet to correct his mistakes by showing him how to take away and by telling him what to do next.


In topic, we talked about and compared the different seasons, focusing on winter . We found out why animals hibernate and how winter is similar and different in other countries.  We read ‘One Snowy Night’, by Nick Butterworth and discussed how the characters were feeling and why.  On Tuesday, the children were amazed to find that Santa had visited their classroom. Along with his snowy footprints, he left them a letter asking them what they would like for Christmas. The children were then very excited to write letters to Santa.


This week, in preparation for our performance of  ‘A Wriggly Nativity’, the children completed their dress rehearsals and were fantastic at singing and remembering their lines. We look forward to seeing you next week at the performances and hope that you enjoy the show!

The Reception team.