This week’s learning

In phonics we learnt the sounds h, b, f and ff. We practised some different actions and songs to help us remember each new sound. We remembered to sound out the word and blend the sounds together to read the word (blending). When segmenting, we learnt to say the word first and then clap each sound (listening carefully to where the sounds are in the word.)

We have learnt the tricky words: no, go and I.  We also practised reading the high frequency words: not, get, back, can, got and up.

In maths we focused on money. We started the week by discussing what we already knew about money. We then described a 1p coin and made rubbings of the coin so that we could see the different features. We also explored 2p coins and found out that these coins are higher in value than a 1p coin. We thought about the different features that each coin has e.g. a 1p coin being smaller and sometimes having the numeral printed on it.  At the end of the week, we used a range of coins to buy different objects in our classroom shop.


In topic, we continued learning about different celebrations.  We were very excited to find an invitation to our class bear’s birthday party, which will take place next week! In preparation for this, we had a go at writing a list of items that we might need for the party.

This week, through role play and discussion we have learnt about resolving conflicts e.g. shaking hands and saying sorry. We also learned about the celebration Eid and we listened carefully to some of the Year 5 children, who visited us to talk about how they celebrate.

In topic,  we also found out why we lay poppies for Remembrance Day. We each coloured our own poppy and lay it down to create a wreath.

We also learnt about Diwali, which took place on Wednesday. We spoke about how Diwali is celebrated and we had a go at making our own candle holders and tealights.

If your child has brought home lines to learn please continue to practise these.  The children are currently learning the songs for the Christmas show and hopefully they will soon be singing these to you at home!

The Reception team.