This week’s learning

In phonics we learnt the sounds u and r. We practised some different actions and songs to help us remember each new sound. We remembered to sound out the word and blend the sounds together to read the word (blending). When segmenting, we remembered to say the word first and then clap each sound (listening carefully to where the sounds are in the word.)

We have also learnt the tricky words: to and the. Tricky words are words that cannot be sounded out. We have also practised reading the high frequency words: it, is, in, at and.

In maths, we continued with our focus on 2D shapes. We began the week by recapping the shapes learnt before half term (circle, triangle, square and rectangle). We then learnt about pentagons and hexagons. We thought about the different properties that each shape has e.g. a pentagon having 5 straight sides.  At the end of the week, we went on a shape hunt in the outdoor area to find pictures of the 2D shapes that we have been learning about.

In topic, we talked about different celebrations that we celebrate with our families. This included festivals and celebrations such as Diwali, Christmas, Guy Fawkes Night, weddings and birthdays. In preparation for fireworks night, we also discussed how to use sparklers safely and we thought about how we can stay safe around fireworks.

We hope that you all had a lovely half term.  It is wonderful to see the children looking so rested and happy to be back at school.

The Reception team.