This week’s learning

This week we started phase 1 phonics. Phonics is a method of learning that we use to help teach reading and writing. We began by singing a range of nursery rhymes to develop our awareness of rhyme and rhythm.  We enjoyed playing ‘Digging for Treasure’, where we had to say the initial sound of an object and then find the matching picture. We also had fun playing ‘Cross the River’. We listened to the sounds in the words that were called and then ‘crossed the river’ if we had the matching object.








In maths, we sang a range of number songs and used our fingers to represent each number.  We practised counting different quantities of objects and we enjoyed watching our class puppet counting the objects too! We were able to correct the puppet and show him how to count accurately. We also had fun playing the game ‘Popcorn Numbers’. We had to crouch down and ‘pop’ when we heard the number on the board called.

In topic, we wrote our holiday news. We thought of some of the activities we completed during the summer holidays, such as going to the beach, playing in the park and meeting with our friends. We drew a picture to represent this and we had a go at writing our names.

We also finished our class charter and discussed some of the rules and rights in more depth. We had fun painting our fingertips when signing the class charter! At the end of the week, we discussed the different feelings that we experience e.g. sad, happy. We thought about who we can share our feelings with and how that will make us feel after doing so.

Well done for another fantastic week Reception!

The Reception team.