This week’s learning

The children thoroughly enjoyed the book ‘Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell’  and they worked together to make a shell for Norman using a range of materials. This week they  also made butterflies in the craft area to  practise their scissor skills . They also  worked as  a team to make a class book about minibeasts (the children drew an insect of their choice and labelled it). Later in the week, they solved mathematical problems about minibeasts aswell as learning interesting facts for example, a bee has 5 eyes so how many eyes do 2 bees have altogether? In their sound groups they were introduced to  Brian the robot and he taught them how to speak like him for example, c-a-t, p-e-n.

A few highlights…

Paper butterflies
Modelling making a page for our minibeast book
Colouring minibeast on the IWB
Exploring colour mixing
Blowing bubbles
Telling a story using the hospital duplo
Robot talking with Brian
Designing an aeroplane

And finally…

We learnt about how to keep snails as pets.