Foundation Subject Home Learning – Design and Technology

     Year 1: Delicious Dips and Dippers!

Be a star cooker!

Whilst you are at home, we would like you to complete a DT project which includes a cooking task (with the help of an adult), making a colourful fruit and vegetable collage and a challenge to help prepare another attractive, healthy meal at home.

You will be cooking ‘Delicious Dips and Dippers’ and exploring different healthy ingredients for them. (We are aware that some ingredients may be harder to come by at the moment, so alternatives have been suggested to help you.)

Along the way, you will also need to use the Get Ready to Cook cards (below) to remind you of the importance of being clean and tidy when you are cooking.

Next, you will try different cooking techniques to create your creative, savoury dips before tasting and discussing your snack.

Make a colourful collage!

Next, there is a healthy collage to make. First find lots of pictures of different fruits and vegetables. You could find them in books or on the internet ( or use the cards below. Now cut them out and stick them in an attractive arrangement in your Home Learning book.

Are there any you know? How many have you tried before? Are there any you don’t know…can you find out what they are called? Are they fruits or vegetables?

Delicious dips and dippers Challenge…

Lastly, help to prepare part of a healthy meal at home. This could be breakfast, lunch or dinner for your family. Draw a picture of your meal on the sheet for your Home Learning book or draw it straight into your book. Can you label some of the ingredients you used?

We hope you have lots of fun with this creative learning! It would be great if you could take some photos of your results and send them to Mrs Stock, so that she can share them on the blog!

Foundation Subject Home Learning – RE

This year, Easter falls on Sunday 12th April. Please share the Easter story video with your child.

The Christian Story of Easter

Now look through the All About Easter slides and complete the following…

  1. Can you find out about the different symbols associated with Easter? Which ones are from the Christian tradition?
  2. What do you celebrate?
  3. Why do people have special foods at celebration times?
  4. Can you think of any foods that you may eat on special occasions?
  5. Can you cook or bake this food with your adult?

If you would like to bake a hot cross bun, you may like to use this recipe.

Health and Wellbeing – Spring 2 Week 6

Here is this week’s focus for Health and Wellbeing. Please could you talk to your child about the themes below.

Learning Objective from the Curriculum:

To know that an active lifestyle is important for being healthy and can be fun. (Link to how makes us feel physically and mentally). 

 Activities you could do at home:

Encourage your child to be physically active and talk about how it is not only good for our physical health but also our mental health as it helps us to feel happier.

If you cannot go outside, there are lots of videos on You Tube (please watch them in advance) that children and adults can move along too. There are also videos on the BBC site, e.g:


Learning Objective from the Curriculum:

I know who to tell if I feel unhappy or unsafe online. 

Activities you could do at home:

Remind your child about Digi Duck’s Big Decision. Make a poster of all the people in and out of school they could tell if they felt unsafe or unhappy online.

Multilingual Speakers

Hello all multilingual speakers! We are very sad that school is closed at the moment and are missing you all. While you are at home, make sure you do lots of reading in both your home language and in English. 

If you are looking for ways to continue to improve your English, there are lots of games and activities on the website below:

Also, the following website contains many English Language games that you may enjoy playing with other members of your family.: ESL games plus

Wow English TV has stories and songs for learning English too( ages 4 – 5 )

Take care of yourselves and your families. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

 Mrs Maddock                          Mrs Sengupta

EAL Coordinator                      EAL Intervention Lead Teaching Assistant

Enrichment Activities

There are 5 enrichment activities to be completed over the next week.

The enrichment activities develop skills, independence and encourage children to learn by doing.

You could also try the 30 day Lego Challenge –

Please ensure that you are adhering to the government guidelines. Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing.

  1. Create a small world environment –
  2. Draw or paint a picture of a rainbow and display it in your window for others to see
  3. Create a collage out of natural materials.
  4. Try yoga –
  5. Build a den –

Mrs Stock’s Indoor Adventures with Hugsy

Dear KS1,

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying doing all the activities that we have been putting on the blog. I have spent some time in school this week looking after the children whose parents need to go to work. I have really enjoyed receiving some of the pictures and work you have been doing at home, so please carry on sending me things that I can blog on a Friday.

Today, Hugsy (my penguin pal) and I enjoyed playing a popular board game together. We took turns and followed the rules of the game. Have you got any board games you can play? Maybe you could be creative and make up your own board game. You could design your own board and your own rules!

Keep checking the blog for more updates from me and Hugsy!

From Mrs Stock and Hugsy

Celebration of Home Learning

This week, children from KS1 have been sharing their home learning with us. Emma and Hannah from Year 2 have been learning about 3D shapes and Leo made a shadow puppet show as well as painting a beautiful mackerel. In Year 1, Dua Fatima has been practising her spelling and has also written a fantastic non-chronological report about penguins! Luca researched all about endangered animals on the WWF website and his non-chronological report was about the mountain gorillas.

Well done to you all and please send us more work to celebrate by emailing Mrs Stock.

Message to Ladybird Class from Miss Dancerelle – 27.03.20


Dear Ladybird Class,

It’s Miss Dancerelle and Frank the Pug (Loca’s Brother) here. Loca is still
at school making sure that it’s kept nice and tidy for when we’re all back! We
just wanted to say hello and make sure you’re all doing well! What have you
been doing this week? I hope you have had a fantastic week and have been doing
lot of fun things. Remember to also be kind and helpful!

This week, I have been helping plan lots of exciting activities for you to
do from home! I have also been doing yoga every morning and reading lots of books
to Frank the Pug. His favourite story is Zog by Julia Donaldson!  Maybe you could read to one of your teddies or toys?

 I will try and write to you once a week to keep in touch.

We miss you all and we will speak to you soon!

Miss Dancerelle and Frank the Pug.