This week’s learning

In phonics we have continued playing a range of phase 1 games. We enjoyed an interactive game where we had to feed the monster the correct picture. We had to listen to the sounds in the word and then blend them to identify the object the monster was asking for.  We also enjoyed playing ‘I Spy’. Our teacher sounded out a word and we had to blend the word and find the matching picture. We also practised segmenting e.g. cat >c-a-t. We used a variety of ways to help us segment e.g. clapping each sound.

In maths, we focused on number recognition.  We went on a number hunt around the classroom to find the number that matched our card. We also counted different quantities of objects and really enjoyed feeding them to the interactive teddy bear. If you would like to play this game at home, please click the link below.

We discussed why it is important to count accurately and we practised this by counting one object at a time, pointing to each object carefully.

In topic, we read the story ‘Elmer’ by David McKee. We asked questions throughout and discussed how Elmer felt at different points in the story. We also talked about how to be a good friend e.g. helping a friend when they are sad, sharing, taking turns. Elmer was a special elephant and so we thought about why we are special. After thinking of our sentence, we had a go at writing it down and then we coloured in the elephant. At the end of the week,  we discussed what similarities and differences are. We enjoyed talking about the similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends.


To start our new topic ‘Story time’, we had a special ‘hook day’. We enjoyed coming to school dressed as our favourite book character. We started the day by discussing who we were dressed as and then we took part in a parade to show off our costumes. We heard many fantastic stories throughout the day! A big thank you to you all for the brilliant costumes. The children had a wonderful day!

Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception team.

Next week’s learning

Next week, we will be coming to the end of phase 1 phonics. We will consolidate our knowledge of rhyme, alliteration, oral blending and segmenting.

In maths, we will be looking at how we can represent numbers up to 5 in different ways e.g. using our fingers, Numicon, numerals, objects and dice.

In topic, we will be reading the book ‘We Work Hard, We Don’t Waste Time’, by Donna Luck. We will use this story to help us think about how we can persevere and try our best. We will continue exploring different feelings and emotions and we will also paint a self-portrait. Finally, we will think about how we can stay safe on the internet and we will use an iPad to practise taking a photograph.

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This week’s learning

This week we started phase 1 phonics. Phonics is a method of learning that we use to help teach reading and writing. We began by singing a range of nursery rhymes to develop our awareness of rhyme and rhythm.  We enjoyed playing ‘Digging for Treasure’, where we had to say the initial sound of an object and then find the matching picture. We also had fun playing ‘Cross the River’. We listened to the sounds in the words that were called and then ‘crossed the river’ if we had the matching object.








In maths, we sang a range of number songs and used our fingers to represent each number.  We practised counting different quantities of objects and we enjoyed watching our class puppet counting the objects too! We were able to correct the puppet and show him how to count accurately. We also had fun playing the game ‘Popcorn Numbers’. We had to crouch down and ‘pop’ when we heard the number on the board called.

In topic, we wrote our holiday news. We thought of some of the activities we completed during the summer holidays, such as going to the beach, playing in the park and meeting with our friends. We drew a picture to represent this and we had a go at writing our names.

We also finished our class charter and discussed some of the rules and rights in more depth. We had fun painting our fingertips when signing the class charter! At the end of the week, we discussed the different feelings that we experience e.g. sad, happy. We thought about who we can share our feelings with and how that will make us feel after doing so.

Well done for another fantastic week Reception!

The Reception team.


Next week’s learning

Next week, we will continue playing a range of phase 1 phonics games. We will practise blending words orally e.g. c-a-t > cat and we will also have a go at  segmenting orally e.g. cat >c-a-t.

In maths, we will practise recognising numbers to 5. We will also count different quantities of objects and we will learn that the numeral represents how many are in a set.

In topic, we will be reading the story ‘Elmer’ by David McKee. We will answer questions about the story and think about how we can be a good friend. We will think about why we are special and write down our ideas . To finish the week, we will discuss what similarities and differences are. We will practise talking about our own similarities and differences with our peers. To introduce our new topic ‘Storytime’, we will be having our hook day. We will listen to a variety of stories and complete a range of story themed activities.

Class Teacher Awards

Well done to the following children who received a Class Teacher’s Award this week:

Rainbow Bugs: Mawara and Thomas

June Bugs: Tristan and Emily

Centipedes: Joshua and Frankie

Incy Wincy Spiders: Luca and Angela


Below is a reminder of our Avenue Values


Pride in achievements and self -confidence

Building relationships and team work


Mutual respect and tolerance

Story Time Hook Day Wednesday 19th September

To introduce our topic ‘Story Time’, we will be a having a hook day on Wednesday 19th September. Throughout the day, the children will be talking about their favourite stories and they will complete a range of story themed activities.

We are inviting the children to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. You may like to look on the internet or in the shops for costume ideas, although there is no expectation to buy a costume.  An alternative to buying a costume is for families to make their own. Below are some ideas.