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This week’s learning

Another great week in Nursery! The children are enjoying our new ‘school’ role play  area and enjoy taking on the roles of both teacher and pupil. They are listening to each other and taking turns to act out the different  roles. The children have  learnt a new poem called  ‘I have a Tiny Turtle’,  so maybe they could perform it to you. Later in the week we carried out an experiment to make a ‘cure’ for dragon pox (based on ideas from the story, Princess Mirror-Belle and the Dragon Pox by Julia Donaldson).  We also used bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar to make fizzy colours.   Many of the children chose to make headbands, using a range of resources and tools to decorate them.

As part of their transition to Reception we had a circle time to talk about it and answer any questions the children had.

A few highlights:

Playing ‘schools’
Bee headband
Making a river in the sandpit

Finding a cure!
Experimenting with fizzy colours

This week’s learning

The children enjoyed reading the story of the week Monkey Puzzle and using this to extend their vocabulary for describing different animals. We also looked in mirrors and described similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends.  The monkey in the book visited nursery ans was feeling sad so we had to think about what we could do to make him happy. The children came up with some lovely ideas for example, paint a picture, share their scooter, read a book, share their toys and give a cuddle.

Sports Relief

Thank you for all your support in raising awareness and fundraising for Sports Relief. The children had lots of fun completing an obstacle course (going around cones, walking across the balance beams, jumping in and out of hoops, throwing a ball into a target and going under the parachute). We also learnt a new dance and played a game where we had to move a different body part depending on where a spinner landed.

A few highlights from the week:

Painting pictures for ‘monkey’ from Monkey Puzzle

Sports Relief Dance

Telling a story using dinosaurs
Testing how to make cars go faster/further