This week’s learning

We have had a brilliant start to the term and the sun is shining! We started the week sharing our holiday news and it was lovely to see lots of pictures and photographs of the different activities the children took part in. On Monday we did yoga based on the story  of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’  We also listened to a story called ‘Katie and the Sunflowers‘ and used this as a stimulus to create a special painting. These will be displayed in the nursery for you to see at the next open classroom. Our role play area is now a Garden Centre and we modelled how to play in it for example:  deciding who we are going to be; writing a shopping list; listening to our friends and counting out the items and money. Towards the end of the week we had time on the astro field  to learn and  play ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’. We also all planted a sunflower seed and talked about what a seed needs to grow and how to look after it. We ended the week learning a new song and discussing the Avenue Value- Pride and Achievement. 

Playing in the Garden Centre

Duck, Duck, Goose

Being Superheroes!
Planting seeds
Feeling proud!
I did it!

Next week’s learning

Next week our story of the week is The Giant Turnip. We will be using this to discuss how important  it is to work as a team. The outside role play area will be set up as a police station and we will be modelling how to use it,  explaining that a police officer helps people, not just arrests baddies! We will be cutting around strawberries and using these to create a wall chart so we can measure and compare our heights.  Later in the week we will play a new game called ‘Bumper Cars’ and will be  looking at the seeds in different fruits.  In our sound groups we will be using our voices to create different sounds for example, a ball bouncing or being a steam train! We will also be introducing The Garden Helper of the Day  who will be  responsible for checking and watering the sunflower seeds.

This week’s learning

This week we have enjoyed revisiting favourite stories. The children enjoyed listening to and discussing The Selfish Crocodile and Monkey Puzzle. We also used the percussion instruments to sing some of our favourite songs, including Jingle Bells!  We used our hall time to play parachute games which is always a favourite with the children.

Messages for Parents

Learning Journeys

We have emailed your child’s learning journey today- we really hope you enjoy looking through them together.  We have also sent home a ‘Parent Voice’ sheet for you to comment on any aspect of your child’d development. We have also attached one below.

Parent Voice EYFS- Spring 2018

Summer Term 2018

We return back to school Monday 16th April. Please find attached a copy of key dates for the term. A paper copy as also been sent home.

Summer 2018 Dates for Nursery

First Day Back

We will be talking about what we have done in the holidays in our key groups. Your child can bring in a photo, drawing or object to show and talk to their friends about something they did over the break.

Plant Pots

If you are doing any gardening over the holiday and have spare plant pots (small) we would be very grateful. Thank you.


Have a lovely holiday!



Messages for Parents

It was lovely to see you all this week for your  parent consultations- thank you all for coming.

Learning Journeys

Please expect your learning journey the week commencing 26th March. If you cannot immediately see it in your folder, please do check your junk folder as your email server may not recognise the address.  If you do not receive  the Learning Journey, please let us know after Easter.

We will also send home a paper Parent Voice sheet  which is for you to complete and return, giving us your feedback on your child’s Learning Journey.

We hope you enjoy reading the Learning Journey together.